This page is provided to develop a historically important resource for Steyr Puch vehicle owners.

Currently the Registry is accepting entries for all Haflinger, Pinzgauer and Puch Scooters, with provision for others to follow on demand. Members are encourages to submit a photo of their Steyr Puch or Puch vehicle(s), including type, chassis and engine numbers, year of manufacture (if known), and a brief description and email to Owners details and roadworthy status are optional. Alternatively members can fill out the Register your Haflinger form. Please note, by supplying this information you are granting us permission for our use on this web site, and will be in the public domain.

Haflinger - Series 1

Chassis Engine Year Comments Photo
5355477 5367343 1963 Rough but serviceable. Reseda green, with PTO. Likely imported in the first batch by Anti-Friction Bearings in 1963. This Haflinger was also fitted with a sheet-metal cab (not pictured) which remains mostly intact. Fitted with low-range hub gear. Originally Victorian registration HVL-247. Owned by Rick Krassoi, Sydney NSW
5355750 5365793 1963 Ex-Tasmanian Hydro. One of 3 used by the Tasmanian Hydroelectric commission. These were helicoptered into remote locations to assist in surveying for new dams. Reseda green, with PTO. Found in Deloraine TAS in a dissassmbled state. Originally fitted with low-range hub gear, now running highest range '31' hub gear.Undergoing full resto. Owned by Rick Krassoi, NSW
5355837 5356173 1963 SWB early series (pre-tropical intake) purchased at auction in Broken Hill, NSW and went to a buyer in St Arnaud, Victoria.
5355856 5356271 1963 Fahrzeug Nr. 5311325. Owned by the current owner since 1980, and has NSW historic registration. Fitted with low-range hub gear. Excellent original condition. Owned by RW, Guyra NSW.
5355906 5356235 1963 Fahrzeug. Nr. 5305624. Presently without engine. The original engine was removed after doing approx 10,000 miles, and the engine bay modified to accept a VW conversion which was ultimately not successful. Presently owned by Sam_, Brisbane QLD.
5355921 5356248 1963 Fahrzeug Nr. 5305647. For auction on Ebay in late 2013, then in Frankston VIC. Present owner not known.

Haflinger - Series 1 (Australian Army)

Chassis Engine Year Comments Photo
5357875 5361692 (orig. 5358485) 1966 Ex ARN 101-820. Restored and Historic vehicle rego in NSW. Previously registered in Queensland 685-EQH. Owned by Rick Krassoi, NSW
5357894 5358731 (orig. 5358509) 1966 Ex ARN 101-825. Restored and on public display at Bandiana Army Museum together with trailer.
5357884 5358418 1966 Ex ARN 101-847. Fully restored and full rego in NSW. Owned by Markus Truninger, NSW
5357850 5358482 1966

Ex ARN 101-823.  Image taken from Ebay. At the time it was fitted with a Series II front, following an accident. It is now owned by BW, West Gippsland, VIC.  Chassis No 5357850  Engine Number 5358482.  BW chased down this haffy because he had the original series 1 front for it that was removed when it got rolled over on a farm property.

5357887 5358514 1966 Ex ARN 101-852. Image taken from Ebay, Ingham QLD. Present owner not known
TBA TBA 1966

One of 2 or 3 trial vehicles fitted with hydraulically operated pontoon floats. Owned by Bandiana Army Museum, currently under restoration. Early photographs from the Museum feature the plywood floats.

TBA TBA 1966  Image taken at Corowa Swim-in, source unknown. Member of the Ex-Military Collectors Society (NSW) with historic car registration. Owned by CD, Sydney NSW
TBA TBA 1966  Good working order, used on a property. Owner by DA, Sydney NSW
5357905 5358534 1966

Ex ARN 101-844. Rust free, good condition, spent most of last 30 on an Albury sheep station, following some time on a northern NSW Macadamia farm. Presently undergoing restoration. Owned by DA, Sydney NSW

5357854 5358502 1966 Ex ARN 101-845. And this is all that remains... Photo from Ebay listing, Ingham QLD
TBA TBA 1966  Owned by JB, SA
5357858 5358490 1966 Ex ARN 101-850. Purchased from the Bandiana Army Museum, and used on the Aus Treffen in 2002, then shipped to Austria. Photo taken from an exhibition for the Haflinger 50th-year celebrations in 2012, photographer unknown. Owned by Peter Krumhaar, Austria
5357868 5358487 1966 Ex ARN 101-858. Most original & unmoleted example, previously owned by Mr Ian Ward, the last President of the Haflinger Club of Australia (NSW). Ian purchased it directly from Casula Wreckers (who disposed of the ex-Army stock) . Owned by PD, QLD
5357882 5358496 1966 Fully restored on NSW club plates. Regularly seen at military vehicle shows. Owned by RP, Nowra NSW
TBA TBA 1966 Photographed at Warburton Grove in 2010.Owned since 2004 by TR, South Australia.
5357902 5358531 1966

Ex ARN 101-859. One of 2 or 3 trial vehicles fitted with hydraulically operated pontoon floats. Only the hydraulic equipment remains. Owned by PS, Adelaide SA

Haflinger - Series 2

Chassis Engine Year Comments Photo
5361165 5361104 1968 This vehicle was purchased from Victoria and is now in Shark Bay, WA.
5361250 5362991 1969

Vehicle Number 5310798, Built 27/10/1969. Undergoing restoration. Owned by Doug Lennox, Townsville QLD

5361472 5363606 1970 Full Qld Registration: 939-TNW Colour: Beige. Restored by Stuart (dec) and David Wale 2006-2013, in Melbourne. Further restoration planned.  Current Owner: Kym Bolton - Brisbane QLD.
5361481 5363598 1970 Fahrzeug Nr 531.1129, made on 22/5/1970. Originally Beige. Rumoured by John D to have onced worked the Mt Buller ski resort area. Sold by Phil R of Carnigie VIC to John D of Launceston TAS in 2003. Painted yellow so can be easily spotted when sand-duning, and fitted with tubular roll cage and full canvas canopy. Sold to NSW by Launceston auction house in 2006, where it was fully road registed as AQ83TD. Re-conditioned original engine, mechanically sound. Sold to Perth, WA in 2012. Owned by DM, Perth WA.
5361692 5364182 1971  Fahrzeug Nr. 5311325, Built 18/8/1970. 2-door short cab with PTO. Sold new in Tasmania, rego AC-0670, bought when 2 or 3 years old by PB in Deloriane, TAS, who then sold it when he bought a new Bug-eye Haflinger in 1976. Re-purchased by PB at deceased estate auction, and sold to NSW in 2006. Mechanically sound with good engine. Presently owned by YH in Majors Creek, NSW.
5361291 5363132 1973 700AP/2 Brought from WA. , the body is in very good condition with no rust, reconditioned brakes, going to recondition motor next, it is still drivable but has a lot of piston blow by. Will eventually re-paint to original colour. Not too sure of history but was told a fencing contractor owned it in outback NSW. Owned by Bernard Callahan at Colac, VIC.
5361874 5363858 1970 Started out as barn find full of rust.  Full restoration complete and now road registered in Queensland
5363063 5367049 1973 Purchased new by a farmer in Tasmania and sold to Stan in SE Tasmania in about 2004. The vehicle was then taken by Stan to the gold fields of WA and used as a gold prospecting vehicle. It was registered in WA with a Leonora number plate - there is a pic taken in 2006 of the vehicle in Kalgoolie. Stan brought the vehicle came back to TAS and registered in that state after some cosmetic and mechanical work. In mid 2012 the vehicle was sold to a Melbourne buyer and thus avoided being destroyed in a Tasmanian bushfire. It was sold to its current owner in September 2012. After some mechanical and body work the Haffie was registered on full registration in April 2013 and six months later was transferred to Historic Registration. The vehicle is running around in Canberra. The pic is of the Haffie on the summit of Mt Coree in the Brindabella Ranges. Owned by GC in Canberra, ACT.
5363109 5367135 1973 Fahrzeug Nr. 5312764. Modified with full sheet metal canopy. Owned by J.Callahan, VIC.
5363280 5367472 1974 Produced 28/12/1973, and sold new in Victoria in 1974. Originally VIC Rego LWO-194. Very original and rust-free example, but missing original canopy. Owned by Rick Krassoi, Sydney NSW
5363355 5367720 1974 700APT SWB owned since new by J.Callahan, VIC  
5363410 5564025 (orig. 5567885) 1974 Originally thought to be operated by Apollo Bay Water Board (Victoria) for the Skenes Creek Reservoir construction, bought by the present owner in 1977. Sold again in 1981 and repurchased by the current owner in 2012. Generally in good condition, currently undergoing mechanical repairs to make roadworthy. Owned by JL in Canberra, ACT (member of the original Haflinger Club of Australia)

Haflinger - Series 2 703APT (long wheel base)

Chassis Engine Year Comments Photo
5550887 5360839 1968 Fahrzueg Nr :5500894 Rebuilt over a 5 year period. Located in Cairns Qld. Owner :Dave Ogden
5357160 5363518 ? LWB Haflinger undergoing SLOW restoration. Missing VIN but registration history shows it was in Kempsy NSW, then Melba ACT, then Bungendore, NSW then to current owner in Canberra. Restoration has progressed beyond the stage shown in the photo. Owned by MC in Canberra, ACT.
5553116 5366989 1973 LWB 703AP Purchased from Broken Hill, NSW.  To be restored.  Owned by Bernard Callahan, VIC
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Haflinger - Series 2 Bug-eye (USA Model)

Chassis Engine Year Comments Photo
5362753 5366406 1974 Excellent cond. with PTO. Full road rego. Previouly owned by a gentleman from Deloriaine,Tasmania who purchased this vehicle new in 1976, and used to access a holiday house in the Tasmanian highlands. Owned by Rick Krassoi, NSW                 

Puch RL/RLA125 Scooter

Chassis Engine Year Comments Photo
1247534 1235469 1954 Fully restored, ex-Victorian scooter. NSW rego PAH46. Winner of 1st prize for 'Best other Marque' (ie not Vespa or Lambretta) at the 2013 Australian Classic Scooter Rally, Sydney. Owned by Rick Krassoi, NSW                 

Pinzgauer- 710, 712 and 718

Chassis Engine Year Comments Photo
4750714 5752809 1974 Pinzgauer 712M. This was the first Pinzgauer imported in Australia in 1974. It underwent a 12 year restoration in 1984 and since 1996 has been used for many hard and touring type trips. The picture shown was taken by Robert Pepper for a UK magazine article in 2013. Owned by PF in Melbourne, VIC (member of the original Haflinger Club of Australia).                
4754002 ? 1982 Pinzgauer 712M. Perth, WA

Puch SR/SRA150 Scooters

Chassis Engine Year Comments Photo
3209271 3209271 1958 SR150, Excellent cond, rust-free, ex-Victorian scooter. NSW rego CBL38. Owned by Rick Krassoi, NSW